Thursday, October 31, 2013

Where Do You Go From Failure?

If you fail once, you expect to succeed the second time. If you fail the second time too, then you will try for the third time. You may try the 4th time, 5th time etc. But what will be your state of mind at every successive attempt? If you are like most people, you will find your level of enthusiasm falling at every successive attempt. This is only natural but not healthy and definitely not helpful.

What makes your enthusiasm fade with every successive attempt is the memory of the past failures, which generates the fear about a repeat experience. When you set out to do a thing with this state of mind, the chances of your failing increase. One more failure will only reinforce your fear of failure and with every successive attempt, your chance of success dwindles.

But it should be the other way about, shouldn't be. After all, the more experience you have, the better should be your ability and skill. In fact, your ability and skill would have definitely improved with every successive attempt. But this improvement is overshadowed and overpowered by the fear that has grown even stronger than your skill and ability have.

So how do you overcome this? Check out my next post!

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