Friday, October 4, 2013

19. Will You Like To Be Controlled By Others?

If I ask you, "Will you like to be controlled by others?" you will come out with a forceful 'NO.'

But are you taking care to see that this doesn't happen?
I mean to ask you, "Does it sometimes happen that you are allowing other people to control you?" You may be inclined to say No!"

But before answering 'no,' think for a while.

I will frame this question in a different way. Have you ever been made angry by what someone said or did? Have you ever been made unhappy by another person.

If your answer is yes,' then you will find that you are contradicting yourself.

The reality is that most of us unwittingly allow our emotions to be influenced and often dictated by others. You know how to make another person angry or unhappy and other people can also do the same to you. 

All one has to do to make you unhappy is to say something negative about your dress. Nothing can be easier than making you angry. Even my statement that other people can make you angry would have made you angry!

If someone can evoke any emotion from you just by pressing a button, this can only mean that you can be manipulated by others the same way a Television set is by a remote control device.

Take a decision today not to allow others to manipulate your emotions. Remember that you have the right, the power, the competence and the responsibility to respond to any situation the way you want to, not the way another person expects you to.

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