Saturday, October 26, 2013

Do Problems Get Solved By Themselves?

How should we deal with problems?

There are typically three ways in which people respond to problems.

Run Away
Do Nothing

Confronting a problem means facing it boldly and doing something to overcome it. This obviously is the most effective way to deal with a problem. But what if your efforts are not successful and you are unable to overcome the problem. Then you just have to accept the result. You will have to suffer the consequences created by the problem. But you will have the satisfaction of doing your best to overcome it. You will also have learnt some lessons which you will be able to use the next time you face a similar situation.

Running away from a problem may appear to be the most convenient option. Most of the people will like to choose this. But there are two difficulties. You may not be able to run away. You find your job to be tough and want to quit but you may not be able to do it because you need the job to make a living and you know that getting another job will be difficult. The second difficulty is that running away from a problem may not keep you away from it always. You may have to face the same problem, probably in a more difficult form sooner or later. People procrastinate to avoid doing things only to find that they have to do what they have been avoiding all along and to realize that doing it earlier would have been much easier.

Doing nothing is a corollary of the first two options. Sometimes, the only way you can deal with a problem is to do nothing about it. Put it in the back burner. This option is similar to the first one in that doing nothing is also a way of confronting it! what will you do if someone points a gun at you? Dodging it will be foolish. Overpowering the adversary a la a film hero will be stupid. The only option is to do nothing and hope that the gunman doesn't fire the gun!

This option is different from the second option in that you are not avoiding or running away from the problem but you are just being realistic. The important thing is that you should know that you are not acting because you have a reason not because it is a convenient to not do anything!.

Sometimes, when you do nothing about a problem, the problem gets solved miraculously.

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