Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Are you a product of your thoughts?

You might have often heard this statement: "You are a product of your thoughts."

How can thoughts mold our personality and our life? Thoughts after all are intangible things. There are other intangible things like energy which are also crucial to our life but they can be measured. But thoughts can't be perceived in any way. In a way, thoughts are non-existent things. They are our imaginations. How do thoughts gain the power of making our life? Let us examine this question.

1) We always live with thoughts.
Don't we? Most of our waking time is occupied by thoughts. Does it not sound sensible to think that our life is influenced by something we spend most of our waking time with?

2) What are our thoughts about?
Our thoughts may be concerned with solving a problem we have, fearing an outcome, rejoicing a happy or successful event, planning a course of action in some area of life - professional, family, social, relating to the self etc. Thus our thoughts have the effect of making us do something out of desire, fear, concerns, worry, anger, grief, love, enthusiasm, depression, resentment,hatred, gratitude  etc. Don't you see how thoughts influence our actions?

At any time, you are swarmed by a large number of thoughts and you choose to act on one or more of these thoughts. And the thoughts you have acted upon determine the course of your life.

Hence, we have to have some control on our thoughts if we want to have some control in our life. But, is it possible to control thoughts?

We will examine this question in the next post. For now, let us agree that thoughts have the power to influence our lives and hence we need to exercise some control over our thoughts.

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