Friday, October 11, 2013

What if You Can't Control Your Thoughts?

In the previous thought, we discussed the issue of controlling your thoughts.

What will happen if you can't control your thoughts?

I am reminded of a story.

A man was walking a long distance. It was summer and the heat was oppressive.

He found a big tree and decided to rest under it for a while.

He rested under the tree using the root of the tree as a pillow.

A thought occurred to him, "This root is very hard on my head. How nice will it be if I can get a pillow?"

To his astonishment, he found a pillow next to him and rested his head o that.

He was very hungry. He wondered whether he could some food.

To his surprise, a dish loaded with delicacies made its appearance. He became a little scared but ate the food relishing it heartily.

When he lay down again, he felt his legs aching due to the strain of walking a long distance. "How I wish a nice looking woman comes here and massages my body. An attractive woman appeared before him with a broad smile and started massaging him.

Even as he was enjoying the message, he thought, "Who is this woman? Is she a devil disguised as an attractive woman?

Instantly, the woman was transformed into a devil.

"Oh My God, the devil is going to eat me alive" was his last thought!

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