Friday, September 27, 2013

12. Making a choice - A Difficult Task

Life is about making choices. And life is difficult because making choices is difficult. The problem with choices is that as you choose one, you forego some other(s). It's the pain of losing something that makes it difficult for people to choose. The pain intensifies from the possibility that what we forego may turn out to be more valuable than what we choose!

People take a lot of time to decide. And even when they decide, they are not sure of themselves. And often they're not happy about having made a choice. They are tormented by the fear of having made a wrong choice. And if the fear comes true, they curse themselves. 'I should have chosen the other one. That's what I preferred first. But somehow I got confused and chosen the wrong one!'

Well friends, let's face some facts.

1) Life is about making choices. We can't avoid choosing one over the other. If you are buying a set of dress, you can buy many sets, if you have the money. But there will still be a large number of  dresses you have to leave behind in the shop. So is the case with other things you own. If you are extremely wealthy, you can buy a number of houses. But there will be innumerable other houses you can't own. Even among the houses you own, you can live only in one! So, accept the reality of having to make choices which means foregoing a large number of choices.

2) In choosing something, you should be guided by your objectives. If you go to a restaurant, you choose the food you like. Sometimes, you may experiment with some foods . But this is also a process of deciding the things you like. If you are clear about your objective and you get a good opportunity, grab it. There is a possibility of better opportunities emerging if you wait. But there is no point in waiting when you have got something good enough.

3) After making a choice, don't  regret. If you have chosen to be a lawyer, don't think that you should have become an engineer. Focus on what you have chosen and pour your heart into getting the best out of your choice.

4) Most importantly, learn to enjoy what you are doing. This will happen only if you accept your choice to be good and decide to get the best out of your choice.

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