Saturday, January 18, 2014

Watch Your Words

When you converse with others, what do you talk about? If you can understand the nature of your conversation, you can have an idea of your attitude and mindset and get a key to progress.

You can start with others. Observe a few people you are in constant touch with. Observe what they talk about generally. You can classify the subjects people talk about into three categories:


If the major content of a person's talk is ideas, he or she is likely to be a successful person or at least a person focused on success (success may not have still come to them).

If a person talks more about events, he or she is interested in progress but is not doing much about achieving things.

If a person talks about people most of the time, he or she will be leading a mediocre life giving no thought about progress. There may be two types of people here - those who speak admiringly of others and those who speak disparagingly of others. The first category of people at least know the value of success and progress though they are not taking any action either because of diffidence or laziness. The second category of people are cynical and are not likely to realize the value of work or success. Such people bank on luck to achieve success in their lives. They are naturally jealous of people whom they consider lucky and speak ill of them.

Once you do this exercise with a few people, then turn to yourself. Find out what kind of person you are. Once you realize the pattern you (unconsciously) follow, you can change yourself for the better.

“Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.”
                                                                                           - Eleanor Roosevelt

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