Friday, December 6, 2013

Gaining from others

I am from India. I find that a majority of people who read my posts are from other countries. So, I have to be a little elaborate when I refer to anything related to Indian culture, history or mythology. Indian readers may bear with me for giving the details which may be considered common knowledge in India.

In the epic Ramayana (one of the two great epics of India), there is a character called Vaali. He had a special power. He would acquire half the strength of anyone who confronted him. So, he remained invincible. That's why  even the great Raamaa had to kill him by hiding behind a tree and remaining unseen.(This version is not supported by the original epic written by Valmiki but has somehow gained the acceptance of people at large.)

We can all be like Vaali. We can gain from others. We can acquire their strengths, skills and good qualities. All you need to do is to create a belief in your mind that you would get the particular trait that you find admirable in the other person. Practice doing this and you will be surprised how simple and how effective the whole process is.

There is only one prerequisite.You should learn to look for the good things in every person you come across. that's difficult, isn't it? After all, we are used to look at the negative traits in everyone. We do it for two reasons. We want to delude ourselves that we are better than the other person or at least the other person is worse than us in some ways. Knowing the negative side of the other person can also be a weapon we may use if necessary!

But if you learn to look for good things in others that we can acquire, you will find a revolutionary change in your relationship with others. The more you like the other person  the more the other person will like you and the more people you like, the more will be the number of people who like you.

So, begin to become Vaali starting from now! Look at the person who is near you and see what you like about that person. If you are alone, go out and look for someone! Good luck!

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