Saturday, November 16, 2013

Either Results or Excuses

In my first post made on my birthday, 16th Sep, 2013, I wrote:

"I am committing myself to post one message of motivation to this blog everyday as long as I live. So, if you don't find my message on a particular day, you are entitled to presume me dead. But I am also entitled to surface after a day or two with an apology and an explanation for the missing posts! But I think it (my missing a post) will not happen. This is a test to me."

But it has happened!

People who have been reading my blog regularly (how presumptuous of me to think that there are people who read my blog posts regularly!) would have noticed my absence for about 2 weeks. Some of them (you) might have presumed that something had happened to me. But I am alive. Alive and kicking and back to my ways!

I can explain why I didn't make any post for about three weeks but I think you may not be interested in it. I will just say that I had no access to the net because of my moving to a new house. but then, this is only an excuse and not a reason. If it demanded that for me to be alive, I should make a post everyday, would I have allowed this problem to deter me? Or, if someone had been paying me for my posts, would I have missed even one post? the answer is obvious.

This makes me understand the meaning of this dictum even more profoundly:

You can have either results or excuses!

So, decide what you are going to have.

P.S. I will be covering the posts for the days I have missed. facilitates antedating and postdating? So after about 2 weeks, you will find that there are no missing dates. But i have the satisfaction of disclosing my lapse and how I am making it up!

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