Saturday, April 5, 2014

Five Things You Can Learn From A Pencil

  1. The pencil writes a lot including interesting stories, inspiring messages, enjoyable narrations etc. But it is not acting on its own. It is guided by a hand. In the same way, remember that all your actions are guided by God and we function as per His directions.
  2. Now and then the pencil has to stop writing. Its lead gets shorter and sometimes broken. It has to use a sharpener to resume its writing. So, it is ok if our progress is halted by some impediments or tragedies. You can emerge stronger from them by honing your skills and strategies.
  3. The pencil allows some of its work removed by the eraser. This is only to correct mistakes or rewrite something for making it better. Allowing our mistakes to be corrected by someone is not a bad thing. It helps us to improve our output.
  4. It is not the wooden exterior of the pencil that is important. It is the graphite inside which creates the pencil’s output. What is happening inside you is not important. And don’t judge anyone by their external appearances but by their values.
  5. Whenever the pencil is in action, it leaves a mark. All your actions leave  a Mark about you that can be seen by others. What more, these marks may remain for a much longer period than your existence in this world.

                                                          -    Adapted from Paulo Coelho’s ‘The Flowing River.’

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